'Fighting EX Layer' Beta Now In Session!

If you've been following the hype about the in-development Arika game Fighting EX Layer, now's the time to test the water! For the next two weeks, a demo version of the game is free to play for all holders of a Playstation Plus account; just download the game (it's less than a gigabyte, so not too much fuss!) to your PlayStation 4, and get online for some fisticuffs! There are six characters to sample in the demo; Kairi, Garuda, Allen, Darun, Skullomania, and new character Shirase. We at BattleBlog have been playing the beta, and we can assure you that it's an immensely fun experience, even at this early stage of development; if the full game is more of what's already there, it will definitely be a game to look out for. If we all get behind Arika and support the game, Fighting EX Layer might even make it to Evolution; it would be fabulous to see the game being played to it's full potential!

If you want a taste of what Fighting EX Layer has to offer, check out o…

BattleBlog's Top 5 Frosty Fighters!

Hello, and welcome to BattleBlog! This time around, we're discussing BattleBlog's top five super-cool fighting games characters; five warriors, each of whom are known for their literally ice-cold demeanour. There's a plow-load of frigid fighters out there, but these five fighters are BB's frosty favourites - get ready for some chilly contenders!

In at five, it's Rouge, from the 1998 Sunsoft fighting game, Astra Superstars. This plucky ten-year old is the game's mascot, but also appears as one of the roster of characters; why is she dressed like Father Christmas, you ask? Because she IS Father Christmas, obviously! Rouge may not have the large belly and frosty white beard, but according to her fighter statistics, her job is being Santa Claus; however, she doesn't need the reindeer, because like all the other Astra Superstars characters, she can fly! With no sleigh to weigh her down, Rouge is particularly nimble - even though she's carrying a h…

A New Tale Of Souls And Swords!

Duelists everywhere, steel thy blade and prepare yourself for the next battle; Soul Calibur VI is real, and it's coming to PlayStation 4, X-Box One, and Steam in 2018! There was a trailer for the game at this year's Game Awards, featuring two legends of the series squaring off; all those of you who were outraged (and rightly so!) at Sophitia Alexandra being killed off in the last game can rest easy, because she's BACK! Seen alongside franchise stalwart Heishiro Mitsurugi, the two battle in what seems to be an ancient Grecian building, surrounded by tall pillars, and elaborately carved statues. We at BattleBlog are guessing that this is Sophitia's stage, and that the building is a Mount Olympus temple; which begs the question, is Sophitia actually alive? Going by Mitsurugi's youthful appearance, it may well be that this Soul Calibur is set before previous titles in the series' history, or possibly a re-imagining (like Mortal Kombat X).

As far as gameplay is conc…

New Challengers!

Hello! Just a quick update to tell you about two new fighters that have just been released, for a couple of fighting games doing the rounds at the moment. ARE YOU READY?!

First up, it's ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. We all know you love cracking skulls and splashing ichor with 'Spring Man'; obviously ARMS Labs do too, because they've been working on a little surprise. Springtron! It's the robot doppelganger of the game's protagonist, right down to the wild pompadour; the ARMS it uses are also 'Spring Man' related (Toaster, Boomerang, and Tribolt). But which version is better? Have ARMS Labs added some new 'improvements' to this chrome domed contestant, that make it a better fighter than the character it's based on? That's for you to find out! The latest update to the game is available now! :D

Next, prepare yourself for the latest fighter to enter the 'Iron Fist' tournament. If you thought that the Tekken 7 fighting game…

Let's Fighting! 20/11/2017

It's been a while since we last updated this 'blog; in our absence, shiz has been going down! So, here's a quick recap of what's been happening in the fighting games world since we last met...

Capcom Japan reveals collector's editions for Street Fighter V! As you know by now, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is on the cards for January; up until recently, the game was just going to be released as a stand-alone game, but now you'll be able to get it in one of two nifty collector's editions! The Vital Box IIand the Valuable Edition II both have their fair share of great content - here's what you'll find in each box!

Vital Box II:

'A Visionary Book II' (art book!)
28 command list cards (featuring each character's move list, along with some sweet artwork!)
Set of three character keyrings (chibi versions of Menat, Zeku, and Ed!)
Display box (holds all the items, and features some stylish cover art!)
SECRET: A yet-to-be-revealed secret item, th…


As well as being a top-drawer eligible bachelor and fighting games player extraordinare, BattleBlog's Debujin is also a professional artist. Recently, he's been working on a comic strip series titled Beaters, which focuses on elements of the fighting games genre; it's a light-hearted look at the scene, and it's players. There are already four strips out there on the tubes, which you can find below, and BattleBlog will feature new strips as they're written - so if you're subscribed to the 'blog, you won't miss out. Enjoy!

ARMS Version 3.2 Update!

Nintendo Japan have announced that the new Switch fighting game, ARMS, is to recieve another update, bringing the software up to version 3.2. In this update, you can expect...

A new stage, 'Sparring Ring'. The clue's in the title; it's a square boxing ring, like you'd find in a Gym. It's compact nature will prove difficult for players who like to attack opponents from a distance, as the action is bound to be fairly constricted and close-quarter.

A new character! This robotic fighter looks just like Spring Man, but mechanised; could this be a plot by ARMS honcho Max Brass to defeat the pompadoured pugilist? "Know thy enemy, and know thy self."

Finally, a new 'Badges' system is being implemented. These are like Trophies on the Playstation Network, or the Achievements on X-Box Live; you get a badge for achieving certain criteria in the game (like winning fifty matches, for instance). These badges can be displayed on your profile picture before a …