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Street Fighter V's 'Ed' Out Now!

Hello! Just a quick post to let you know that the Street Fighter V character roster got a new addition (Ed-ition?) today, in the form of 'Ed'. Ed is a young fighter who first appeared in a Street Fighter IV ending movie - he was supposed to be a host body for Vega, but things didn't go quite to plan. Following the events of SFIV, Ed was taken in and mentored by M. Bison (yes, that M. Bison - not exactly what we'd call a good role model!), and fights with a blend of traditional boxing, and Psycho Power infused attacks - and, as you'd expect, he fights with the confidence and (gasp!) arrogance of his foster father.

There has already been talk on the 'net of Ed being a top tier character, who has been adopted by several professional players; whether this opinion is justified is yet to be seen. This year's Evolution tournament is just around the corner, and is a great opportunity for some talented player to take the reins, and really show the world what Ed is …

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2 out today!

That's right, folks - the latest installment in the Guilty Gear franchise is released in the West today! 'Rev 2' sees the addition of two new characters; the GG veteran Baiken is a hard-bitten samurai girl from Japan, and newcomer Answer has been described as a 'business ninja', who throws cards like shuriken. Both are excellent additions to the roster, and fit in well with the game's bold, brash style - if you were to start playing a new character, either would reward putting the time and effort in to learning them.

This release includes all the previously-released DLC characters from Revelator (Kum Haehyun, Raven, and Dizzy), and is the latest revision of the game - if you're already a Guilty Gear fan, or looking to get into a new fighting game, this is definitely a title to look out for. It's one of the games at Evo (the major yearly fighting games tournament in Las Vegas) - so if you're planning to compete, you can get started now. 'Let'…

ARMS Direct May 2017

The latest Nintendo Direct focused on the new Switch fighting game, ARMS. A lot of information was revealed in the presentation, so here's a brief summary if you missed it (or don't want to watch the full video - it's fairly long!)

a) Three new characters (well, four if you count the teaser shots of the boss!) were revealed...

Kid Cobra is a snake-themed fighter who is extremely agile, sliding and dashing around the arena to elude the opponent. He specialises in evasive manouvres, and is as slippery and tricky as you'd expect from such a character.

Byte is a robotic police officer who attacks in tandem with his canine partner, Barq. The player controls Byte, and is assisted by the computer-controlled Barq, who operates independently to distract and assault the opposition.

Twintelle is a movie actress, who doesn't actually have stretchy limbs! However, this doesn't impede her fighting ability; instead, she attacks with her prehensile hair, making use of her star s…


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Also, you might be interested in the YouTube account of this weblog, Gigas Breaker - it features coverage of fighting games that you can't cover in a written 'blog, like unboxings and match videos. If you're a fighting games fan, and have some time on your hands, the account can be seen at - again, it would be a privilege to have you as a subscriber!

Okay! Please, keep it locked to BattleBlog - 2017 is going to be a big year for fighting games, and I fully intend to ride the wave. It would be an honour to have you there with…