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BlazBlue: Central Fiction v2 Out August 3rd!

The arcade version of BlazBlue: Central Fiction is about to go from strength to strength! August 3rd sees the Japanese launch of Version 2.0, a major update that takes the game beyond the current console version. Not only will arcade gamers get to play DLC characters Mai Natsume, Es, and Susanoo, but they'll also be the first to battle as Jubei (a character previewed in a previous BattleBlog update), before he is added to the home version of the game at some point this Summer.

As BlazBlue fans will tell you, Jubei being added to the roster is a huge thing for the game; he is one of the Six Heroes, characters who are keystones of the BlazBlue storyline. If the BlazBlue fighters were ranked based on how strong and influential they are in the lore of the game, the feline samurai would undoubtedly be top tier. If the reveal trailer is an accurate portrayal of Jubei's skills, we can expect him to be a swift, yet powerful combo machine, relying on his feline nature to get about in …

Under Night Exe: Late(st) Out Today!

The title of the post pretty much says it all! It's been a while in coming, but today the French Bread/Arc System Works fighter Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late(st) was released in Japan; Amazon Japan have the game priced at 6,999 yen for the disc-based version (reduced from 7,344 at the time of writing), but if you're buying on the Playstation Network, it's likely that the DLC version will be cheaper. There were a multitude of pre-order bonuses if you shopped with various Japanese retailers, as is sometimes the case with game releases like this; kudos if you got your hands on some of the gorgeous extras.

If you're not familiar with the Under Night franchise, or don't speak Japanese, no worries! Aksys Games have announced that there will be an English-language translation, which will drop late 2017 - it has a full tutorial mode (as with previous Arc System Works games like BlazBlue and Guilty Gear) for new players, or veterans who want to brush up on their game know…

Abigail Joins Street Fighter V!

Hello! I could have waited a day and posted this awesome tidbit from Evo in my last post - but, having said that, it's awesome enough to warrant a seperate entry.

Revealed at Evo yesterday, the latest character to be added to Season 2 for Street Fighter V is none other than legendary Final Fight stage boss, Abigail! While not as popular as other bosses like Thrasher and Rolento, Abigail is still big news for anyone who manages to get through the game and take him on. He's clearly been watching the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, 'Pumping Iron', on his down-time since Final Fight, because this guy is stacked. Seriously, seriously muscly - if you thought Hugo had crazy guns, this guy is going to blow you away. Abigail is so big and beefy, that he uses two rubber tyres as arm bracers!

Like Hugo before him, Abigail is all about crushing puny weaklings with his iron bod. If you like your offense and rushdown tactics, this guy is totally up your street; Abigail charges into ba…

Jubei And Geese: My Thoughts

I write this article as Evo 2017 has come to a close, and is now but a fond memory in the minds of those who attended. There is little doubt that this festival of fighting was nothing less than epic, even if you weren't actually there; instead, perhaps, watching the action unfold from afar through streams and video updates. There have been some outstanding tid-bits of news released, both during Evo itself, and afterward; and it's two of these that I'm going to talk about in this article.
Firstly, great news for BlazBlue fans; the latest version of the game, Central Fiction, is to recieve a new character this summer. No one special, really... just a cute lil' kitty called JUBEI. That's right, legendary feline swordsman Jubei - one of the Six Heroes, no less! - is coming to the game. This is a really big deal for BlazBlue; the Six Heroes are a cornerstone of the game's storyline, but before now they haven't made much of an appearance in the game itself (one o…

Max Brass joins the ARMS roster!

You've had some time since ARMS was released for Nintendo Switch to really get stuck in and learn the combat mechanics - so I think you're ready to change things up a bit, right? Well, from July 12th, a new fighter is joining the roster: Max Brass! From July 12th, you can fight as the burly boss character himself; the DLC includes his signiature ARMS (Nade, Roaster, and Kablammer), and the 'Sky Arena' stage.
So, why play Max? Well, for starters, he can flex his buff bod to the point where he has increased defense, and punches don't faze him. Of course, if you do achievethe unthinkable, and manage to reduce his health to a certain level, Max's punches stay permanently powered-up - similar to the T.O.P system in Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. Clearly, this beefy bruiser is the champion of the ARMS League for good reason! But, what relation is he to the game's protagonist, Spring Man?

Max Brass, the Sky Arena stage, and three new ARMS drop on July 12th. If you…

Virtua Fighter feature in 'Retro Gamer'!

Hello! Just a quick note to let you know that the new issue of Retro Gamer (a British monthly magazine focusing on games of yesteryear) is out to buy; this month, Virtua Fighter is on the cover. The issue features an eight page article about the game, including interviews with several members of Sega's AM2 division (one of whom is the legendary Yu Suzuki!), and is an essential read for any serious fighting games players; I would even go so far as to guarantee that you'll be more knowledgable about the genre after reading it.

Retro Gamer 169 is officially in shops right now, priced at £4.99 (roughly $6.50). Go get it!