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BlazBlue CentralFiction DLC Update: Jubei Attacks!

Just a quick update to alert the BattleBlog readership that BlazBlue's Jubei, the katana-wielding feline and member of the Six Heroes, is officially out in the United States and Japan! The DLC is priced at 800 yen, which is about $7 in your American dollars - a paltry price to pay to have the legendary cat on your side. At the moment, Jubei is an arcade and Playstation exclusive, but there has been talk of a Steam release - so in time, all BlazBlue players will get access to the ronin neko.

We at BattleBlog are seriously excited about this new addition to the BlazBlue line-up, and we think you will be too. Jubei is officially here - a new legend begins! Don't forget the cat-nip!

Street Fighter V DLC: Menat Strikes!

If ARMS' Lola Pop wasn't enough DLC-related action for you, prepare yourself for the latest warrior from the second season of Street Fighter V... Menat, 'The Eyes Of The Future'!

Menat is an Egyptian girl, who is the apprentice of 'a fortune-teller living in Italy' (not necessarily Rose, but all the pieces fit!). Like Vega/Bison and Rose before her, Menat is able to manifest and manipulate soul power, using the medium of her crystal sphere; she is able to attack without it, but does have several techniques that involve her innate psychic abilities.

 Her V-Skill, 'Kamal', produces a shockwave that either reflects projectiles, or absorbs them to build her V-Gauge. In addition, it can be used to launch the opponent, making it a handy combo tool.

Menat's V-Trigger, 'Wisdom Of Thoth', generates six spheres of energy around her. Each sphere is linked to an attack, and can be launched at the opponent by pressing the corresponding button; whether us…

New ARMS Fighter: Lola Pop!

Max Brass may only just have been announced as a DLC character for the Nintendo Switch fighting game ARMS, but hot on his heels comes another new warrior: Lola Pop! Lola is a globe-trotting street performer, who's got more than a hint of slapstick going on; dressed in baggy pants and sporting a red nose, she's every inch the circus clown. Lola can even inflate her body to fend off punches, which makes her one of the wackier contestants in ARMS!

As you'd expect, she has her own signiature ARMS; a pair of gloves with nunchaku attached (surely they would better suit Ninjara, though?), gloves sporting a trio of piston-style projectiles, and a pair of pinball-style 'bumpers', that reflect the opponent's attack right back at them. Also, Lola has her own stage; a confectionary-themed street scene, dotted with cafés and eateries, and packed with people watching the fight unfold.

All this content is coming in Version 3 (another free update to the game!), so get those d…

Update Frenzy!

Not a 'frenzy' as such, but a couple of minor updates for you to wrap your face around this fine Monday afternoon.

First up, a date has been released for the console update to BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Japanese gamers can get to grips with all the v2 balance changes, and - of course! - the feline swordsman Jubei, from August 31st; the DLC price is 800 yen, with extra custom colour schemes 16-21 also available. We can expect the Western release (both on PSN and Steam) shortly afterward, so get flexing those digits!

Secondly, those of you who have been following the progress of the new Arika game (that we shall furthermore refer to as Fighting Layer EX), have cause to celebrate - the latest update from the company is that Allen Snider is to be added to the game's character roster! Allen is a classic Arika character, making his debut in Street Fighter EX, and also appearing in Fighting Layer; like fellow combatants Gouki and Blair Dame, Allen didn't make it into the EX se…