BlazBlue CentralFiction DLC Update: Jubei Attacks!

Just a quick update to alert the BattleBlog readership that BlazBlue's Jubei, the katana-wielding feline and member of the Six Heroes, is officially out in the United States and Japan! The DLC is priced at 800 yen, which is about $7 in your American dollars - a paltry price to pay to have the legendary cat on your side. At the moment, Jubei is an arcade and Playstation exclusive, but there has been talk of a Steam release - so in time, all BlazBlue players will get access to the ronin neko.

We at BattleBlog are seriously excited about this new addition to the BlazBlue line-up, and we think you will be too. Jubei is officially here - a new legend begins! Don't forget the cat-nip!


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