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As well as being a top-drawer eligible bachelor and fighting games player extraordinare, BattleBlog's Debujin is also a professional artist. Recently, he's been working on a comic strip series titled Beaters, which focuses on elements of the fighting games genre; it's a light-hearted look at the scene, and it's players. There are already four strips out there on the tubes, which you can find below, and BattleBlog will feature new strips as they're written - so if you're subscribed to the 'blog, you won't miss out. Enjoy!

ARMS Version 3.2 Update!

Nintendo Japan have announced that the new Switch fighting game, ARMS, is to recieve another update, bringing the software up to version 3.2. In this update, you can expect...

A new stage, 'Sparring Ring'. The clue's in the title; it's a square boxing ring, like you'd find in a Gym. It's compact nature will prove difficult for players who like to attack opponents from a distance, as the action is bound to be fairly constricted and close-quarter.

A new character! This robotic fighter looks just like Spring Man, but mechanised; could this be a plot by ARMS honcho Max Brass to defeat the pompadoured pugilist? "Know thy enemy, and know thy self."

Finally, a new 'Badges' system is being implemented. These are like Trophies on the Playstation Network, or the Achievements on X-Box Live; you get a badge for achieving certain criteria in the game (like winning fifty matches, for instance). These badges can be displayed on your profile picture before a …

Street Fighter V: Zeku Attacks!

It hasn't even been officially announced on Capcom's website yet, but a video has been posted that confirms the last season two character of Street Fighter V; Zeku! He's probably one of the older members of the cast, but that doesn't stop him from being a bad-ass ninja master (his opening line is "Let's party, if you think you can keep up!"). His skills are seriously advanced; not only can Zeku fight, but he's also mastered transformation! He can turn into a younger version of himself at will, but why he wouldn't choose to be his youthful self permanently, we don't know. Perhaps this, and other Zeku secrets, will be revealed in time!

From the looks of the trailer, Zeku is an agile fighters with excellent combo potential; each form of the character has a different move set, and you alternate between the two (the 'tag' mechanic might be Zeku's V-Skill, like with Nadeshiko). In fact, the pairing could even be compared to Stre…

World Fight News: October 2017

Since our last update, there have been some interesting rumblings in the fighting games world. Rather than post two seperate articles, here's a combined run-down of what's been going on.

a) You may have heard a while back that a certain online merchant listed a tentative launch date for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, before it had even been announced as a reality? Well, a recent post on Capcom Unity ( has officially revealed that SFV:AE does exist, and it's coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on January 16th, 2018. There will be both a digital upgrade and a physical copy of the game, featuring all 28 characters from Seasons 1 and 2 (including the last DLC fighter who hasn't been revealed yet); this hasn't been confirmed, but it's likely that the other DLC content (like extra stages), will be included on the disc. On top of that, the Arcade Edition will feature...

Arcade Mode! Capcom have been listening to what the fans h…