ARMS Version 3.2 Update!

Nintendo Japan have announced that the new Switch fighting game, ARMS, is to recieve another update, bringing the software up to version 3.2. In this update, you can expect...

A new stage, 'Sparring Ring'. The clue's in the title; it's a square boxing ring, like you'd find in a Gym. It's compact nature will prove difficult for players who like to attack opponents from a distance, as the action is bound to be fairly constricted and close-quarter.

A new character! This robotic fighter looks just like Spring Man, but mechanised; could this be a plot by ARMS honcho Max Brass to defeat the pompadoured pugilist? "Know thy enemy, and know thy self."

Finally, a new 'Badges' system is being implemented. These are like Trophies on the Playstation Network, or the Achievements on X-Box Live; you get a badge for achieving certain criteria in the game (like winning fifty matches, for instance). These badges can be displayed on your profile picture before a match, and will serve to warn the opponent that you're a skilled ARMS player.

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