Street Fighter V: Zeku Attacks!

It hasn't even been officially announced on Capcom's website yet, but a video has been posted that confirms the last season two character of Street Fighter V; Zeku! He's probably one of the older members of the cast, but that doesn't stop him from being a bad-ass ninja master (his opening line is "Let's party, if you think you can keep up!"). His skills are seriously advanced; not only can Zeku fight, but he's also mastered transformation! He can turn into a younger version of himself at will, but why he wouldn't choose to be his youthful self permanently, we don't know. Perhaps this, and other Zeku secrets, will be revealed in time!

From the looks of the trailer, Zeku is an agile fighters with excellent combo potential; each form of the character has a different move set, and you alternate between the two (the 'tag' mechanic might be Zeku's V-Skill, like with Nadeshiko). In fact, the pairing could even be compared to Street Fighter legend Gen, and his dual Mantis and Crane martial arts styles; old Zeku seems to specialise in kick-based attacks, whereas the younger Zeku attacks with punches. Balancing the two to fight as a cohesive unit will be something that players have to get to grips with, if they're going to master the character(s).

As far as style goes, Zeku is looking very sharp indeed! His standard ninja duds look good, but Zeku also has access to a natty formal suit, and also a more traditional black outfit for stealth; if you thought that Urien looked good in a suit, this guy is going to get your approval.

Zeku will be joining the cast on the 24th of October. Until then, you can check out the preview video here - and keep it locked to BattleBlog for more information about the ninja master (and Street Fighter in general)!

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Zeku, Hiryu, Street Fighter (c) Capcom


  1. What is the link to Strider? Is it just a costume or is he a character from Strider?

    1. It turns out that I was wrong; Zeku has nothing to do with Strider Hiryu. He's actually able to transform into a younger version of himself, that *looks* like Hiryu, and is dressed similarly. My bad! :)


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