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New Challengers!

Hello! Just a quick update to tell you about two new fighters that have just been released, for a couple of fighting games doing the rounds at the moment. ARE YOU READY?!

First up, it's ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. We all know you love cracking skulls and splashing ichor with 'Spring Man'; obviously ARMS Labs do too, because they've been working on a little surprise. Springtron! It's the robot doppelganger of the game's protagonist, right down to the wild pompadour; the ARMS it uses are also 'Spring Man' related (Toaster, Boomerang, and Tribolt). But which version is better? Have ARMS Labs added some new 'improvements' to this chrome domed contestant, that make it a better fighter than the character it's based on? That's for you to find out! The latest update to the game is available now! :D

Next, prepare yourself for the latest fighter to enter the 'Iron Fist' tournament. If you thought that the Tekken 7 fighting game…

Let's Fighting! 20/11/2017

It's been a while since we last updated this 'blog; in our absence, shiz has been going down! So, here's a quick recap of what's been happening in the fighting games world since we last met...

Capcom Japan reveals collector's editions for Street Fighter V! As you know by now, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is on the cards for January; up until recently, the game was just going to be released as a stand-alone game, but now you'll be able to get it in one of two nifty collector's editions! The Vital Box IIand the Valuable Edition II both have their fair share of great content - here's what you'll find in each box!

Vital Box II:

'A Visionary Book II' (art book!)
28 command list cards (featuring each character's move list, along with some sweet artwork!)
Set of three character keyrings (chibi versions of Menat, Zeku, and Ed!)
Display box (holds all the items, and features some stylish cover art!)
SECRET: A yet-to-be-revealed secret item, th…