Let's Fighting! 20/11/2017

It's been a while since we last updated this 'blog; in our absence, shiz has been going down! So, here's a quick recap of what's been happening in the fighting games world since we last met...

Capcom Japan reveals collector's editions for Street Fighter V! As you know by now, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is on the cards for January; up until recently, the game was just going to be released as a stand-alone game, but now you'll be able to get it in one of two nifty collector's editions! The Vital Box II and the Valuable Edition II both have their fair share of great content - here's what you'll find in each box!

Vital Box II:

'A Visionary Book II' (art book!)
28 command list cards (featuring each character's move list, along with some sweet artwork!)
Set of three character keyrings (chibi versions of Menat, Zeku, and Ed!)
Display box (holds all the items, and features some stylish cover art!)
SECRET: A yet-to-be-revealed secret item, that's 15cm tall!

Valuable Edition II: All the above, plus...

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (full game!)
Character art prints x 3 (featuring Menat, Ed, and Ryu!)

Both boxes are set to launch with the game, on January 18, 2018. The Valuable Edition II is priced at 9,250 yen, the Vital Box II at 5,546 yen, and the stand-alone game at 4,990 yen (includes art prints).

Official website available here !

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition video released, featuring second V-Triggers! Indeed so! A short video has been released, featuring some of the alternate V-Triggers that various characters have; a lot of sexy looking alternate attacks, for sure. Some will give players new ways to play existing characters, whereas others extend combos, or add new mix-ups to the game. We won't ruin the surprise for you on the 'blog, but if you want to catch the video, it's available here !

New fighter Misango joins the ARMS cast! Another free update will introduce Misango, a member of the Misanga tribe. He's a skilled fighter, who wants to prove the strength of the Misanga fighting style; joining him in the fight is a little jungle sprite, who assists Misango in his attacks, and provides one of three buffs; red gives Misango 'super armour' to shrug off blows, blue is a speed boost, and yellow automatically deflects attacks during a rush.

Coming with Misango are three new ARMS types; the Scorpio, which scuttles toward the enemy to deliver a dose of poison, the Glusher, which is a gelatinous ball of poison (again!), and the Skully, which is - you guessed it! - a poisonous skull that is quick and powerful.

In addition, there's a new stage! The 'Temple Grounds' are the Misanga's home turf, surrounded on all sides by thick forest; you'll do battle amongst tall, ornate pillars, and intricately patterned scenery.

 All this content is in ARMS version 4.00, out now! (Official Nintendo UK website here !)

(Thank you to Nintendo UK and Capcom Japan for the images!)


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