New Challengers!

Hello! Just a quick update to tell you about two new fighters that have just been released, for a couple of fighting games doing the rounds at the moment. ARE YOU READY?!

First up, it's ARMS on the Nintendo Switch. We all know you love cracking skulls and splashing ichor with 'Spring Man'; obviously ARMS Labs do too, because they've been working on a little surprise. Springtron! It's the robot doppelganger of the game's protagonist, right down to the wild pompadour; the ARMS it uses are also 'Spring Man' related (Toaster, Boomerang, and Tribolt). But which version is better? Have ARMS Labs added some new 'improvements' to this chrome domed contestant, that make it a better fighter than the character it's based on? That's for you to find out! The latest update to the game is available now! :D

Next, prepare yourself for the latest fighter to enter the 'Iron Fist' tournament. If you thought that the Tekken 7 fighting games royalty ended with Street Fighter's Gouki, prepare yourself for another legend making their debut - none other than organised crime king-pin, Geese Howard, is joining the fight! If you're not familiar with the fearsome Geese, all you need to know is that this guy is so tough, he fell off a skyscraper and survived. SNK are known for their seriously tough boss characters, but of all the warriors that have come and gone over the years, Geese is probably the most memorable. Making his debut in Fatal Fury, (way back in the early 90's!), Geese Howard is the man responsible for killing the father of series protagonist, Terry Bogard; since then, he's gone from strength to strength. He may have perished in another fatal fall (from the same skyscraper!), but even death didn't stop him from coming back to haunt the dreams of his son, Rock Howard.

Over the years, Geese has become a fighting games legend; if you didn't know about him before now, get ready for a rude awakening! He returns to the ring with all the deadly techniques he's known for, and a little bit of Tekken flair for good measure; if you can predict your opponent's attacks, you'll stomp all over them with Geese.

Mr. Howard is available now as DLC, along with his stage, 'Howard Estate'; an oriental-themed location, that is both picturesque and dramatic. Get some!


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