A New Tale Of Souls And Swords!

Duelists everywhere, steel thy blade and prepare yourself for the next battle; Soul Calibur VI is real, and it's coming to PlayStation 4, X-Box One, and Steam in 2018! There was a trailer for the game at this year's Game Awards, featuring two legends of the series squaring off; all those of you who were outraged (and rightly so!) at Sophitia Alexandra being killed off in the last game can rest easy, because she's BACK! Seen alongside franchise stalwart Heishiro Mitsurugi, the two battle in what seems to be an ancient Grecian building, surrounded by tall pillars, and elaborately carved statues. We at BattleBlog are guessing that this is Sophitia's stage, and that the building is a Mount Olympus temple; which begs the question, is Sophitia actually alive? Going by Mitsurugi's youthful appearance, it may well be that this Soul Calibur is set before previous titles in the series' history, or possibly a re-imagining (like Mortal Kombat X).

As far as gameplay is concerned, it looks like we can expect classic Soul Calibur fare, with the advanced system that the series has featured in recent episodes; Sophitia is seen not just blocking, but parrying consecutive sword strikes with her shield, which speaks of the complexity of the dueling. The Soul Calibur experience has been fine-tuned as the franchise has progressed - Soul Calibur V was a fabulously intricate game, that really did justice to the weapons being wielded by the game's heroes and villains. If SCVI is to feature an even deeper fighting system, we're in for a treat!

In addition to the two combatants, we get a tantalising glimpse of a new character (or rather, their weapon!), who wields a dual-bladed staff; how they'll fare against series veterans like Mitsurugi is yet to be seen, but we expect big things from any new characters joining such an esteemed roster. Having said that, the 'Project Soul' team have yet to design a fighter who's any less than outstanding, so we're sure that the new blood will be worth keeping an eye on.

The full trailer can be seen here. Keep it locked to BattleBlog for more information about this red-hot title, as we get it!


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