BattleBlog's Top 5 Frosty Fighters!

Hello, and welcome to BattleBlog! This time around, we're discussing BattleBlog's top five super-cool fighting games characters; five warriors, each of whom are known for their literally ice-cold demeanour. There's a plow-load of frigid fighters out there, but these five fighters are BB's frosty favourites - get ready for some chilly contenders!

In at five, it's Rouge, from the 1998 Sunsoft fighting game, Astra Superstars. This plucky ten-year old is the game's mascot, but also appears as one of the roster of characters; why is she dressed like Father Christmas, you ask? Because she IS Father Christmas, obviously! Rouge may not have the large belly and frosty white beard, but according to her fighter statistics, her job is being Santa Claus; however, she doesn't need the reindeer, because like all the other Astra Superstars characters, she can fly! With no sleigh to weigh her down, Rouge is particularly nimble - even though she's carrying a heavy sack of presents, she's one of the more agile members of the cast. There are stronger warriors out there, but very few can rock a Santa outfit with such adorable charm - even if it's just so we at BattleBlog get extra presents this year, Rouge makes it into the top five!

Fourth place goes to Glacius, from the 1994 arcade smash, Killer Instinct! A benevolent visitor from outer space, this ice-cool alien crash-landed on Earth, while cruising the galaxy; captured by mega-corporation UltraTech, Glacius is promised freedom if he wins the Killer Instinct fighting tournament. As you'd expect from an ice-wielding extra-terrestrial, Glacius is armed with a gamut of elemental attacks to wrongfoot his opponents - although this doesn't exactly work in harmony with his unassuming and pacifist nature. In fact, it could be said that Glacius is the Dhalsim of Killer Instinct - he many not have the stretchy limbs and fire-spitting abilities of the Indian guru, but he is as well suited to kicking butt. Here at BattleBlog, we're more than happy to let this frosty fighter give us the chills - Glacius takes a well-deserved spot in our top five!

There's even more chilly cuteness to come in our countdown! Spot number three goes to the King Of Fighters legend, Kula Diamond. She's a young girl who has the ability to conjure and wield ice in her attacks; originally appearing in King Of Fighters 2000 as a counter to series protagonist K', Kula shares moves with the character, as well as her own original moveset. She was originally developed as an emotionless doll for the NESTS organisation, but since it's destruction, has developed feelings and a distinct personality; now, she lives the life of a teenager who is very demure and gentle, but with a well-developed fighting ability. She's even become friends with K' and his companions, which definitely wasn't in NESTS' plans for her. She may have been designed to carry out missions for her employers, but these days she's just a regular girl - or as close as it gets, when you can manifest and control ice. As far as our chart is concerned, Kula Diamond takes a well-deserved third spot; the competition was tough, but for the SNK staple, it was a cold swish.

We're approaching deep-freeze here, folks! In second place, we have the alluring ice-queen Kolin, from the Street Fighter franchise.`Her first appearance was as boss character Gill's personal assistant, in the Street Fighter III series; she appears briefly in his intro, before bowing demurely, and leaving her boss to open up a can of whup-ass all over the back of your head. But it was her appearance in 2016's Street Fighter V, where Kolin was really fleshed out as a character; she first appeared alongside Urien in the story mode 'A Shadow Falls', before becoming a playable character in the game's second season. Clad in gear more suited to a Siberian winter than a street fight, Kolin attacks using her command of snow and ice; her moves have the effect of freezing the opponent, making them more sluggish. Frosty projectiles of ice, and a floor-freezing kick, are just two of Kolin's signiature moves; in fact, her grace and command over the elements are reminiscent of Elsa, from the animated film, 'Frozen'. This is reflected in one of her DLC costumes, which is a regal-looking outfit that bears more than a slight resemblance to Disney's queen of the frozen wilderness; it lends her an elegant femininity, which doesn't really come through in her other outfits.

Kolin easily takes hold of the second spot in our countdown of cool customers; not only for her mastery over cold, but also for her frosty demeanour. She is an ice-cool beauty in terms of looks, attitude, and abilities - it was a tough call, but we at BattleBlog think that she's a worthy recipient of the penultimate position in the chart. If the last character to come wasn't so iconic, she might even have taken the top spot; it was a really close call, but Kolin is pipped at the post by...

SUB-ZERO! Yes, our super cool champion is none other than the legendary Mortal Kombat ninja, Sub-Zero; for more than twenty years, he's been freezing his opponents solid. On his two-decade journey, he's gone from being a student of the Lin Kuei, to the Grand Master of the order - but it hasn't been an easy path. He's been involved in an on-going blood feud with Scorpion since their first appearance in 1992; also, he's had to contend with being replaced as Sub-Zero by his own brother, Kuai Liang. As if that wasn't enough, he's even been turned into a cybernetic robot ninja, in the Lin Kuei's attempt to get with the times!

But, Sub has come through it all unscathed, which is more than can be said for the numerous people he's beheaded and relieved of their spinal cord. In his numerous appearances, he has gone from being a mere palette swap of another character, to a genuinely fleshed out fighter in his own right; the Sub-Zero that stands before us today is a major part of the franchise, and would be sorely missed if he were to be removed. It would be like scrapping Ryu from Street Fighter, or Kazuya from Tekken; Sub is an integral element of the Mortal Kombat story, however it twists and turns. NetherRealm Studios can come up with all the awesome characters they like, but if Mortal Kombat doesn't have Sub-Zero in it, people won't be happy - and rightly so.

He's recieved a lot of changes over the years, but the core Sub still remains; a deadly warrior, who has become a legend in the face of adversity. The road to greatness has been long, and the challengers have been many, but it's a testament to Ed Boon and John Tobias that the character has been so universally appreciated; and what started off as a contender to Street Fighter's crown, has become a worthy fighting game franchise. So yes, Sub-Zero is a deserving heir to the frozen throne, and we at BattleBlog salute him. May Sub-Zero, and Mortal Kombat, live on for at least another twenty years!

Okay! Those were the top five, but if there's one winner, there's bound to be a whole score of losers. Respect goes out to Nintendo's Ice Climbers, who despite their solid appearances in the Smash Bros. games, just missed out on a place in the chart. Also, kudos to Bad Mr. Frosty from the ClayFighter franchise - definitely a diamond in the rough when it comes to character design. And finally, Ice Man from Rockman: The Power Fighters, who - although not strictly a fighting games character! - is too cute to miss out on a mention.

So, do you agree with BattleBlog's top five? Perhaps there's a super-cool character that we've missed, and you want to do them justice. If so, please feel free to leave a comment. Also, if you enjoyed the post, please consider subscribing to us; we'd love to have you. Finally, if you prefer your fighting games in video format, head to Gigas Breaker ( for the low-down on what's going on in the fighting games industry. Until next time!


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