'Fighting EX Layer' Beta Now In Session!

If you've been following the hype about the in-development Arika game Fighting EX Layer, now's the time to test the water! For the next two weeks, a demo version of the game is free to play for all holders of a Playstation Plus account; just download the game (it's less than a gigabyte, so not too much fuss!) to your PlayStation 4, and get online for some fisticuffs! There are six characters to sample in the demo; Kairi, Garuda, Allen, Darun, Skullomania, and new character Shirase. We at BattleBlog have been playing the beta, and we can assure you that it's an immensely fun experience, even at this early stage of development; if the full game is more of what's already there, it will definitely be a game to look out for. If we all get behind Arika and support the game, Fighting EX Layer might even make it to Evolution; it would be fabulous to see the game being played to it's full potential!

If you want a taste of what Fighting EX Layer has to offer, check out our sister site Gigas Breaker (http://www.gigas-breaker.com) for some day-one match videos. Also, keep it locked to BattleBlog for more information about the game, as it's released!


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